Jun 25 2015

Silent Sleep: The Great Hope

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There are many reasons for a person’s sleep to be interrupted. New parents are interrupted by the cries of their newborn, nightshift workers have their sleep interrupted by those who don’t realize someone may still be in bed at 1 pm, and then there are those who have their sleep interrupted because either they or their partner snores.

Not being able to get a good sleep can be a huge cause for a crummy day. You feel like nothing goes right, you don’t have any energy to even stir your spoon in your coffee and you really don’t feel like walking the long way to work. You’re more likely to make mistakes, get snappy with your partner and probably sigh a whole lot.

For those who snore there is hope. Aside from purchasing a variety of devices to cram into your mouth in an attempt to stop the snoring there are other, more wallet-friendly, ways to stop snoring.

Many people snore due to stress and other lifestyle choices that can be changed. Some of the main reasons people snore are as follows:

  • Lose weight
  • Exercise
  • Quit smoking
  • Avoid alcohol, sleeping pills, and sedatives, especially before bedtime
  • Establish regular sleep patterns

Looking at this list can be pretty unnerving for someone who maybe has issues with every single point. The first thing to do is not panic: no one is asking you to change your entire life overnight. If it were that easy people who be doing it all over the place. All of these points are manageable, to some degree, so it doesn’t hurt to take a good long look and pick out which points you can identify with.

Most of the points go hand-in-hand so Read entire article.